Nike / Just Do It Greece
U57 Role : Creative & Concept / Art Direction / Design
Directed by John Filipe • Photography by John Filipe
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A provocative assault to the Olympics '16.​​​​​​​
Greece is a country in crisis. But in her athletes, we find an indomitable spirit, a refusal to defined by their surroundings. An almost Herculean desire to triumph over circumstance.
Filmed in the abandoned stadiums of the Greek Olympics, the film was a tribute to these athletes, who stand like ancient heroes among the ruins, refusing to give in.
Print & Activation
The Campaign also comprised of print, social posters and a Nike+ marathon activation.
Viral reaction: ​​2M+ organic views of the Film in Greece.

The campaign created awareness over important topics in Greece opening a public discussion reaching over national tv. 

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